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Most of what you need to know will be below.

Gibidi 2018 Catalogue 2018


Below Are The Control Manuals For Gibidi 

Old F4PLUS Control Panel


Gates not closing?

Put dip switch 8 on (up) and see if the gates then close

As dip switch 8 disables photocells ...

New F4PLUS Control Panel

f4plus gibidi.pdf

Gates not closing?

Put dipswitch 8 on (up) and see if the gates then close

As dipswitch 8 disables photocells ...

Or is it safety bumpstrips not working and keeping the gates open ?

Put the 1st dipswitch

in the row of 4 dipswitches to off then put a

link between 23 and 25 if the gate closes

the fault is with the safety bump strips

You need to do this as when 1 is on it's looking for an 8k2 resistore !!

BA230 Control Panel

AIC5012BA230ITUK rev 01.pdf

The old BA230 has a molded in live nutral and double earth power supply input on the control board. The new version you can unplug the power supply from the control board

The old version you can't add the time clock 

Most asked about BA230 is

How do I attach a time clock to keep gates open?

On control panel go to E9 and turn to 4 then

connect time clock to 28 and 32 NO connection and when it switches to NC gates open

How do I attach safety bump strips?

On control panel go to C9 and turn to 2 for 8k2 or 3 for NC

then connect the strips to 29 and 32  

Gates won't close?

Have a look at photocells.. see if working ok..

Have a look at safety strips if fitted ..

Or short out  22, (stop) 27 (photo2) 29 (safty nc)

and 31 (photo1) all to 32 common gates should close

Dont forget to turn C3 to 1... That turns off the 3 seconds :)

BA100 Control Panel

BA24 Control Panel

ba24 gibidi.pdf

F12 Control Panel

AS04000F12 F12 old version .pdf

BR24 Control Panel

BE24 Control Panel

PC200 Control Panel


SC230E Control Panel

SC230 Control Panel


Older SC230 Control Panels


SE24E Control Panel 

New SC24 Control Panel

Older SC24 Control Panels


F3PLUS Control Panel

f3plus gibidi.pdf

PLUS 2 A Control Panel


PLUS 2 Control Panel

PLUS 1 Control Panel


Garage Door Control Panels

AIC4220_REV05_GECO 60-80.pdf
geco trainer amendment (1).PDF

Gibidi Analogic Taimen 24v

AIC8185_TAIMEN IT-UK_Rev 0.pdf

Gibidi Digital Taimen 24v

AIC8211_TAIMEN IT-UK_Rev 1.pdf

Gibidi Taimen