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The Pass CLUTCH Sliding Gate Motor No Longer Available

Pass 640, Pass 840, Pass 1240, Pass 1840, 
From December onwards, all new PASS motors will no longer be available with an externally adjustable clutch, except for the PASS 2500. The clutch is a left-over from a by-gone era before encoder technology and safety-edges became mainstream and way too many installers forget to or do not appreciate that the adjustable clutches require setting correctly.
The motors will still include thermal protection for motor protection and, of course, the highest safety level will still be provided via the embedded encoder technology for a simple self-learning and the adjustment of the anti-crushing sensitivity.
 We do have limited stocks of motors containing the adjustable clutch but once these have gone, they will not be replaced.

But you can still use the No clutch  Pass 641, Pass 841, Pass1241, Pass 1841 Sliding gate motors