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New operators PASS series with encoder for sliding gates

We are pleased to inform you that, starting from today, the new operators PASS series with encoder for sliding gates and the new integrated SC230E control unit are available.

The mechanics of the gearmotor, already greatly improved, is now joined by a new control unit which, thanks to a high quality embedded encoder, allows to install in a simple way every system with a very user-friendly self-learning system.

The deceleration and anti-crushing functions are integrated and there is no longer need of two pairs of magnetic limit switch, but only one.

We would like to highlight that the new SC230E control units have been designed to be also used as spare parts for all the old models of the SL400-800 and PASS 600-800-1200-1800. In fact, they are provided with a selector to disable the encoder and therefore be used on old systems.

On our website and in the catalogue (from page 14 to 21) there are all the useful information, including the kit codes and the spare control units (pag. 123).
Feel free to get in touch with us for any further information you may need.