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NEW Ground 634 24v Mechanical Underground Gate Motor With BE24G Control Panel

Finally he has arrived!
From today the new GROUND 634 is available. The magnetic encoder system is totally integrated into the motor and allows easy programming to obtain the best results.
Thanks to the BE24G control unit you can program the system using the incredible self-learning procedure.
The mechanics are now more robust. Equipped with new integrated and adjustable mechanical limit switches.
Find out more about this incredible product! Contact your sales representative or write to us!

The new Ground 634 has finally arrived

Improved mechanics. New generation of high efficiency motor for incredible durability! From today, thanks to the integrated encoder and the new control unit you will be able to achieve incredible results!



Integrated intelligence!

The new GROUND 634 is now equipped with a high resolution magnetic encoder sensor. This solution allows you to use the new self-learning control units which allows to get the best out of the product. Thanks to the encoder we will always obtain control of the position and anti-crushing safety.


Sturdy and strong!

The integrated adjustable mechanical limit switches system has been completely redesigned to obtain greater resistance and ease of adjustment. The presence of mechanical stops on the ground will no longer be a mandatory requirement. A nice saving!


Heart made of steel and bronze!

Zero compromises. Only special and heat-treated steel. Bronze gear. All sized to withstand considerable workloads.

A guarantee of reliability.


New BE24G

For such a powerful and capable gearmotor, an adequate control unit was needed. We have thus designed the evolution of the control unit which is already used for the other 24Vdc products. The new BE24G, with integrated radio receiver, self-learning and integrated battery charger!


Made in GIBIDI

Entirely designed and built by us! BE24G has been designed to obtain maximum results with minimum effort on the installer's part. The self-learning procedure allows you to program with ease and peace of mind.