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Get Them Quick Last Of The Square Photocells AU02260 Photocells DGF100 Square

We would like to inform all our customers that, after more than 15 years since the last standard production, the availability of spare parts for photocells code 70110 is now almost finished.
There are very few pieces still available in stock, so if you think you may need them in the future, contact our sales office to check any remaining availability.
Once the limited warehouse stocks have run out, this item will no longer be produced.

Link to the last few AU02260 Photocells DGF100 Square 



We are pleased to inform you that DCF180 photocells (code AU02250) with automatic synchronism are now available. This technical update, already present on the DGF photocells series, completes the technical transition of this product.

We would also like to remind you that the DCF180 photocells can be powered at 12/24V, both in AC and DC, and allow 180° adjustment on the horizontal axis and a few degrees on the vertical axis.

They are also equipped with the very interesting "ANTI-SNOW" function that allows you to avoid the detection of very small objects that pass in front of the photocell quickly, such as birds, snowflakes or foliage, ensuring good operation in any environmental situation